155mm/170mm Good Quality Biodegradable Wholesale Eco-Friendly Travel Bamboo Cutlery

Overall, the Bamboo Spoon is a tableware that combines the raw beauty and practicality of bamboo. It is suitable for various dining occasions and dining needs, and is suitable for all people who need to use tableware. The bamboo spoon is easy and convenient to use, and the product is compact and durable. The bamboo spoon is made of natural bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. So, whether it is cooking at home or having a picnic outdoors, bamboo spoons are ideal and unique choices.

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Product Name Disposable bamboo Spoon
Material Bamboo
Size 155x31x1.6mm
Item No. HY4-S155-H
Surface Treatment No coating
Packaging 100pcs/bag, 50bags/ctn
Logo customized
MOQ 500,000pcs
Sample Lead-time 7 working days
Mass Production Lead-time 30 working days/ 20’GP
Payment T/T, L/C etc available

The Bamboo Spoon is a simple yet functional tableware crafted from natural bamboo that combines the raw beauty of bamboo with functional design. Below we will introduce the bamboo spoon in detail in terms of product application scenarios, applicable people, usage methods, product structure, and material introduction.

product detail

Application scenarios. Bamboo spoons can be used in a variety of dining settings. Whether cooking at home, dining at a restaurant, or having a picnic outdoors, bamboo spoons are ideal. It is suitable for a variety of dining scenes such as stirring and frying, ladling soup, and tasting desserts.

For people. Bamboo spoons are suitable for everyone who needs to use tableware, whether it is adults or children. Bamboo spoons are ideal for the health-conscious and environmentally conscious. It does not contain any harmful substances, is safe and hygienic to use, and is also in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Instructions. When using a bamboo spoon, just hold the spoon by the handle. Bamboo spoon heads are usually milled from a whole piece of bamboo, maintaining the original natural texture and warm touch of bamboo. Stir ingredients, scoop and taste with ease when using the bamboo spoon. Care should be taken when using a bamboo spoon to avoid excessive force, which can cause damage.

Structure. Bamboo spoon is mainly composed of spoon handle and spoon head. The handle of the spoon is made of natural bamboo and has been finely polished, which not only retains the original texture of bamboo, but also increases the comfort and stability of the grip. The head of the spoon is made of wide flat bamboo strips to ensure the durability and safety of the spoon.
material. Bamboo spoons are made from natural bamboo, which has natural antibacterial and eco-friendly properties. The texture and color of bamboo give the bamboo spoon a unique aesthetic feeling, and no chemical substances are used in the production process, which meets the requirements of food hygiene and environmental protection.

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