3 in 1 Bamboo Aluminum Foil Wrap Dispenser

3 in 1 Aluminum Foil Wrap Dispenser

Bamboo wrap organizer is a kitchen storage accessory designed to help organize and store various types of kitchen wraps, such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and wax paper. It typically consists of a rectangular container made of bamboo with several slots or compartments to hold different sizes of wraps.

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Product Name 3 in 1 Bamboo Aluminum Foil Wrap Dispenser
Material: 100% natural bamboo
Size: 35 x 20.6 x 7.6 cm
Item No.: HB1922-1
Surface Treatment: varnished
Packaging: shrink wrap + brown box
Logo: laser engraved, or label stickers
MOQ: 500 pcs
Sample Lead-time: 7~10 days
Mass Production Lead-time: around 40 days
Payment: TT or L/C Visa/WesterUnion

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1. Multiple Compartments: Bamboo wrap organizers typically have multiple compartments of different sizes to accommodate various sizes of kitchen wraps.

2. Adjustable Dividers: Some bamboo wrap organizers have adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the compartments to fit your specific needs.

3. Easy to Access: Bamboo wrap organizers are designed to make it easy to access your kitchen wraps quickly and easily.

4. Sustainable Material: Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

5. Stylish Design: Bamboo wrap organizers have a natural and elegant appearance that can complement any kitchen decor.

6. Versatile: Bamboo wrap organizers can be used for a variety of other storage purposes, such as organizing cutting boards or baking sheets.

7. Easy to Clean: Bamboo wrap organizers are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or washed with mild soap and water.

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Protection Foam


Opp Bag


Mesh Bag


 Wrapped Sleeve




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