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105mm Disposable Ice cream bamboo spoon

The 105mm disposable bamboo spoon is made of fast-growing bamboo through moulding and hot pressing process.
It is degradable, compostable, and good for the environment.
The design of the 105mm disposable bamboo spoon makes it easier to enjoy your food.
Hengyu’s disposable bamboo spoon have smooth edges, no burrs and no splits. The strict control of product quality will make you feel safe and not to worry that there will be thorns on it.



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Product Name Disposable bamboo spoon
Material bamboo
Size 105x20x1.8mm
Item No. HY4-BS105
Surface Treatment No coating
Packaging 100pcs/bag, 50bags/ctn
Logo customized
MOQ 500,000pcs
Sample Lead-time 7 working days
Mass Production Lead-time 30 working days/20’ GP
Payment T/T, L/C etc available

The Bamboo Ice Spoon is a versatile bamboo serving utensil that is perfect for stirring ice cubes and drinks, and also doubles as a dessert spoon. It is made of high-quality bamboo, which has the characteristics of natural beauty and environmental protection. Below we will introduce the bamboo ice spoon in detail from the aspects of product application scenarios, applicable people, usage methods, product structure, and material introduction.

product detail

Application scenarios. Bamboo ice scoops are perfect for cold drink shops, cafes, homes and parties, etc. It can help stir crushed ice and drinks, making drinks taste more even. At the same time, the bamboo ice spoon can also be used to scoop and taste desserts, such as ice cream, jelly, cake, etc. Its multifunctional design makes the bamboo ice scoop an indispensable tableware.

For people. Bamboo ice scoops are for everyone who loves cold drinks and desserts, adults or kids. For employees in cold drink shops, bamboo ice spoons can improve work efficiency; for housewives, bamboo ice spoons can help make delicious drinks and desserts; for children, bamboo ice spoons are both a practical tool and a Can increase their interest in food.

Instructions. When using a bamboo ice spoon, simply dip the tip of the spoon into a cold drink or dessert and stir gently. Bamboo ice spoons usually have a wide, flat tip to help stir and scoop food evenly. When using the bamboo ice spoon, pay attention to keep your hands dry, so as not to affect the use effect. At the same time, it should be cleaned and dried in time after use to ensure hygiene and service life.

Structure. The bamboo ice spoon is mainly composed of a bamboo handle and a spoon head. The bamboo handle is usually rounded for an easy and comfortable grip, and the scoop head is usually wide and flat to help scoop ice and drinks while avoiding drips. The overall design of the bamboo ice spoon is simple and practical, light and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy cold drinks and desserts at any time. Finally, let's take a look at the material of the bamboo ice spoon. The bamboo ice scoop is made of 100% natural bamboo, which has natural antibacterial and environmental protection properties. The texture and color of bamboo give the bamboo ice spoon a unique aesthetic feeling, and no chemical substances are used in the production process, which meets the requirements of food hygiene and environmental protection.

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