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One -time bamboo spoon is a product designed to provide tableware with more environmentally friendly and sustainable selection. Unlike traditional plastic spoons, this product is completely made of natural bamboo. This is a renewable resource that can be planted and harvested without damage to the environment. This product has a series of functions, which is very suitable for various environments, including picnic, camping, fast food restaurants and catering activities.

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The size of the one -time bamboo spoon is 190mm, which is the common size of the tool. Its lightweight characteristics make it suitable for people of all ages, including children.

Name Disposable Bamboo Spoon For Ice-cream
Model HY4-ICS190
Material Bamboo
Size 190x28x1.8mm
N.W 2.4g/pc
MQ 500,000pcs
Packing 50pcs/plastic bag; 20bags/ctn
Size 28x22x25cm
N.W/CTN 2.4kg
G. W/CTN 2.9kg

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Disposable utensils set 1

For people: One -time bamboo spoon is suitable for people to use all ages. The product is lightweight and is very suitable for children, while adults can use it as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tools. This product is also very suitable for individuals who want to reduce carbon footprints and try to reduce environmental destruction.

Instructions: It is easy to use for one -time bamboo spoon and does not require any special skills. It can be used to cut different types of foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is recommended to discard the spoons after one -time use. This product is biodegradable, which means that it can decompose naturally and not cause harm to the environment.

Product structure Introduction: Simple and efficient one -time bamboo spoon structure.  Bamboo used to make this product is organic, which means that its growth does not use irritating chemicals or pesticides. This ensures that products are healthy and safe for users. Use bamboo in its structure to completely environmental protection.

Product application scenario: One -time bamboo spoon is a multi -functional product that can be used in various scenarios. For example, it is very suitable for outdoor activities such as picnic, camping and barbecue. In addition, it is very suitable for fast food restaurants, fast food cars, catering and other activities.

Introduction: As mentioned earlier, the first -time bamboo spoon is completely made of bamboo. Bamboo is a natural resource that has incredible renewableness and grows faster than broad -leaved trees. Due to its natural characteristics, bamboo grows without pests and fungal infections. It is a biodegradable to ensure that the product can be decomposed without harming the environment.

In summary: In short, one -time bamboo spoon is an excellent choice for individuals and enterprises to seek sustainable and environmentally friendly tableware choices.  It is important that the product is harmless to the environment and has made significant contributions to reducing plastic pollution. Using disposable bamboo spoon, users can enjoy the convenience of disposable tableware, while minimizing their impact on their behavior on the earth.

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