140mm Kraft Tableware Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Laser Engraved

Bamboo spoon is a practical and beautiful tableware, suitable for various occasions and groups of people. Simple and easy to use, reasonable product structure, environmentally friendly and safe materials. Whether it is a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, the bamboo spoon is an indispensable and good helper, bringing you more convenience and enjoyment. Have a Bamboo Spoon, Enjoy Food, and Enjoy Cooking!

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Product Name Disposable bamboo spoon
Material bamboo
Size 140x26x1.8mm
Item No. HY4-S140
Surface Treatment No coating
Packaging 100pcs/bag, 50bags/ctn
Logo customized
MOQ 500,000pcs
Sample Lead-time 7 working days
Mass Production Lead-time 30 working days/20’ GP
Payment T/T, L/C etc available

The Bamboo Spoon is a tableware made of natural bamboo that is both beautiful and functional. Next, I will introduce bamboo spoons in detail in terms of product application scenarios, applicable people, usage methods, product structure, material characteristics, etc.

product detail

Scenes. It can be widely used in different occasions such as family daily catering, restaurant dining, coffee shops, banquets, etc. Bamboo spoons are often used to scoop soup, meals, juices, etc. Whether at home or in commercial dining establishments, bamboo spoons serve a unique function.

For people. Bamboo spoons are suitable for all people who love to cook and enjoy food, whether they are chefs, housewives, students or cooking lovers. For chefs, bamboo spoons are very important tools that can help them stir ingredients, season soups, and keep the original taste of food. For housewives, bamboo spoons can help them cook easily, allowing the family to enjoy more delicious meals.

Instructions. Using a bamboo spoon is very simple. When you need to scoop up soup, sauce, or other food, simply hold the bamboo spoon up in the air, gently dip the tip of the spoon into the food, and scoop it out. The flat design of the bamboo spoon allows us to easily scoop food without scratching the surface of the container. In addition, when mixing or stirring food, you can use a bamboo spoon to stir quickly, so that the food is heated evenly. Whether in a home kitchen or a restaurant kitchen, a bamboo spoon is a handy and useful tool.

Structure. The appearance of the bamboo spoon is simple and elegant, and it feels comfortable in the hand. The main material is natural bamboo, and the overall design is curved, which conforms to ergonomics. The handle of the bamboo spoon is of moderate length, which is convenient for us to hold and control the strength. The wide and flat head of the spoon makes it easy for us to scoop and stir food. The bamboo spoon has good wear resistance and antibacterial properties, easy to clean and keep hygienic. It is designed to meet our different cooking needs.

Material. The bamboo spoon is made of natural bamboo, does not contain harmful substances, and is safe and harmless to the human body. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material with high temperature resistance, antibacterial, deodorizing and other characteristics. In addition, bamboo has good thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat during cooking, helping us control cooking time and heat. The production process of the bamboo spoon is also pollution-free, which is in line with the concept of green and environmental protection in modern life. With bamboo spoons, we can enjoy healthy cooking and dining with peace of mind.

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