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The disposable bamboo spork is a sustainable and wholesome tableware product. It is crafted from 100% natural bamboo. It offers ease and convenience of use, eliminating concerns about long-term food contamination and damage. This product ensures utmost safety and hygiene, meeting national standards. Moreover, disposable bamboo sporks are sturdy, lightweight, and pristine, making them an indispensable part of people’s lives in various settings.

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Name Disposable  Bamboo Spork
Model HY4-XS155
Material Bamboo
Size 155x33x1.8mm
N.W  2.9g/pc
MQ 500,000pcs
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag; 50bags/ctn
Size/CTN 50x36x34cm
N.W/CTN 14.5kg
G. W/CTN 15kg

product detail

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Product Material:
Disposable bamboo sporks are made from unadulterated bamboo, untouched by chemicals throughout its growth cycle. Thus, it is a completely natural material. Bamboo possesses exceptional qualities: rapid growth, excellent toughness, high compression and tensile strength, as well as good air permeability that keeps food fresh. Additionally, bamboo is recyclable, minimizing waste and having no adverse impact on the environment.

Product Application Scenarios:
Household use: Disposable bamboo sporks are perfect for everyday home dining, reducing dishwashing workload, and offering convenience while being environmentally friendly.
Catering establishments: Restaurants, fast food establishments, and other catering venues benefit from using disposable bamboo sporks as they perfectly cater to user needs, offering convenience and speed.
Outdoor camping: Disposable bamboo sporks serve as ideal tableware for wilderness camping. They are not only eco-friendly and healthy but also easy to carry, convenient, and quick to use.

Target Audience:
Disposable bamboo sporks are suitable for all individuals, particularly those who prioritize health, sustainability, and outdoor activities. Additionally, they are extremely convenient for mothers to have on hand for their children, ensuring hygiene and safety during meals.

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Protection Foam


Opp Bag


Mesh Bag


 Wrapped Sleeve




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