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Disposable bamboo fork is an environmentally friendly and healthy tableware, made of pure natural bamboo, easy and convenient to use, and will not be damaged due to prolonged contact with food. It is safe to use, harmless to health, and complies with national hygiene standards. In addition, disposable bamboo forks are also durable, lightweight and easy to clean. They can be used in various dining scenes and have become an indispensable part of people’s dining tables.

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Name Disposable Arc-shaped Bamboo Fork
Model HY4-X170-H
Material Bamboo
Size 170x25x1.6mm
N.W 2.5g/pc
MQ 500,000pcs
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag; 50bags/ctn
Size 50x36x28cm
N.W 12.5kg
G. W 13kg

product detail


1.Open the bag and take out the required number of disposable bamboo forks.
2.Then wash the bamboo fork once, and you can use it with confidence after disinfection.
3.When using, insert the fork part of the disposable bamboo fork into the food, scoop it out, and eat it.
4.After use, you can throw away the disposable bamboo fork, which is very convenient.

Product Structure Introduction:
The disposable bamboo fork has a simple and elegant appearance, presenting a streamlined curved shape. It consists of two parts: the fork head and the fork handle. The fork head is designed to be larger, which can easily hold food; the design of the fork handle is ergonomic, which is very convenient and comfortable to use. In addition, the product is packaged in a plastic bag for easy picking and portability.

Product material:
The disposable bamboo fork is made of pure natural bamboo, and the bamboo has not been exposed to any chemical substances during the growth process, so the product can be guaranteed to be pollution-free. Bamboo grows fast, has good toughness, can withstand greater strength and weight, and is also more durable than plastic forks. Bamboo forks can also be recycled to avoid production waste and protect the environment.

Product application scenarios:
1.Family catering: Disposable bamboo forks are very suitable for family life, which can reduce the cleaning workload of the family.
2.Restaurants, hotels and fast food restaurants: Disposable bamboo forks are an ideal catering utensil, which can serve all kinds of people conveniently and quickly.
3.Field camping: Disposable bamboo forks are also suitable for outdoor camping or picnics, easy to carry, and very convenient and quick to use.
For people:
Disposable bamboo forks are suitable for everyone, especially those who are health-conscious, environmentally friendly and love the outdoors. In addition, when mothers prepare food for their children, they can also prepare some disposable bamboo forks for them, which is convenient, quick, safe and hygienic.

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Mesh Bag


 Wrapped Sleeve




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