Kraft Tableware Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Laser Engraved with box

Disposable bamboo fork is an environmentally friendly, healthy and convenient tableware product. It is made of pure natural bamboo and is easy to use. It can be used alone or with other tableware. This product has the characteristics of safety and sanitation, durability, lightness and cleanliness, etc. It can be applied to various scenes, such as homes, dining places, camping in the wild, etc., and has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

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Name Disposable Bamboo Fork
Model HY4-X170
Material Bamboo
Size 170x25x2.0mm
N.W 3.6g/pc
MQ 500,000pcs
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag; 50bags/ctn
Size 50x36x28cm
N.W 18kg
G. W 18.5kg

product detail

Disposable utensils set 1

1.Open the bag and take out the required number of disposable bamboo forks.
2.The product can be washed and disinfected afterwards, which is safe and hygienic when used.
3.Use disposable bamboo forks to scoop food and enjoy a delicious dining experience.
4.After using the disposable bamboo fork, you can throw it directly into the trash can.

Product Structure Introduction:

Disposable bamboo forks are very simple in appearance, with smooth surfaces and ergonomically designed shapes. It consists of two parts: the fork head and the fork handle. The design of the fork head makes it easy to pick up food, and the design of the fork handle is easy to manipulate and feels comfortable. In addition, the product comes in a pocket package for quick and easy access and is easy to carry around for convenience. in conclusion: Disposable bamboo forks are a very environmentally friendly and clean product that can replace non-renewable bamboo forks and reduce the burden on the environment.

Product material:
The disposable bamboo fork is made of natural bamboo, which has not been exposed to any chemicals during the growth cycle, so it is a purely natural material. Bamboo has its own unique and excellent properties, such as fast growth, good toughness, strong compressive and tensile strength, etc. It also has the characteristics of good air permeability and can maintain the freshness of food. Plus, bamboo can be recycled, reducing waste and not negatively impacting the environment.

Product application scenarios:
1.Home use: Disposable bamboo forks can be used for daily meals at home, which can reduce people's workload of washing dishes, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.
2.Dining places: Disposable bamboo forks are a good choice, such as restaurants, fast food restaurants and other dining places, it can meet the needs of users, and it is very convenient and quick to use.
3.Camping in the wild: Disposable bamboo forks can be used as ideal tableware for outdoor camping. It is not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also easy to carry, convenient and fast.
For people: Disposable bamboo forks are suitable for all groups of people, especially those who are health-conscious, environmentally friendly and enjoy outdoor activities. In addition, it is also very convenient for mothers to prepare some disposable bamboo forks for their children, which can be used at any time and keep children's meals hygienic and safe.

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Mesh Bag


 Wrapped Sleeve




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