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  • A greeting from a Chinese bamboo

    Bamboo grows around the spring equinox. What do you know about bamboo? Bamboo is a "big grass", many people think bamboo is a tree. Actually it is perennial grasses of the gramineae subfamily bambooae, is related to herbaceous food crops like rice. China is the bamboo pl...
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  • Knowledge of bamboo ——- Taste history and interpret stories

    One, bamboo is a tree, or grass? Bamboo is perennial gramineous plant, what is "gramineous"? Not from Waseda University! Hoe Wo day noon, "wo" refers to such herbs as rice, corn, so bamboo is grass, not trees. Trees usually have rings, and bamboo is hollow, so it is not ...
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  • Why advocate “substituting bamboo for plastic”? Because bamboo is really excellent!

    Why is bamboo the chosen talent? Bamboo, pine, and plum are collectively known as the “Three Friends of Suihan”. Bamboo enjoys the reputation of “gentleman” in China for its perseverance and humility. In the era of severe climate change challenges, bamboo has provoked the ...
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