Knowledge of bamboo ——- Taste history and interpret stories

One, bamboo is a tree, or grass?
Bamboo is perennial gramineous plant, what is "gramineous"? Not from Waseda University! Hoe Wo day noon, "wo" refers to such herbs as rice, corn, so bamboo is grass, not trees.
Trees usually have rings, and bamboo is hollow, so it is not a tree species.

Two, how to distinguish male bamboo and female bamboo?
People are divided into men and women, bamboo also male and female, bamboo looks the same, like the northern folk song "Mulan poem" written in the "male rabbit feet pushuo, female rabbit eyes blurred, double rabbit beside the ground, Ann can distinguish I am male and female", in fact, bamboo is very easy to distinguish male and female, bamboo stem, there are two forks of the female bamboo, a fork is male bamboo.
What's the point of distinguishing between male and female bamboo trees?
For the farmers digging bamboo shoots, the old sense, along the female bamboo "whip" (refers to bamboo slender underground stem) "follow the melon", to find bamboo shoots, male bamboo "whip" is not long bamboo shoots.

Three, what is the "bamboo law"?
Bamboo takes 4 years to grow only 30 centimeters, that is, bamboo shoots, from the 5th year, at the rate of 30 centimeters a day crazy growth, only in 6 weeks, can grow to 15 meters, in the first 4 years, although bamboo did not grow tall, but the roots in the soil, spread hundreds of square meters, roots deep, no matter where, Rocks, beside the rocks, even if it is the bitter winter, as vigorous, "insist green mountains do not relax, the root in the broken rock, thousands of grinding million blows also tough, Ren Erdong south northwest wind", no matter how hard the conditions, can stubbornly survive.
This is the "bamboo law", it tells people in the process of growth to lay a good foundation, the front most of the time is ready to start, endure all the ridicule of the surrounding, when the time is ripe, you can with a rapid speed, rapid growth, life and work should be like bamboo ", accumulate thin hair, only continuous precipitation, to create success!

Four. Does bamboo blossom and bear fruit?
Bamboo is also able to bloom and bear fruit, but the waiting time is relatively long, most bamboo takes 12 to 120 years to bloom and bear fruit, bamboo only blooms once in its life, there is a saying that "bamboo blooms and move immediately", after the bamboo blooms, it will turn yellow, slowly wither and die.
Ancient people believed that bamboo was a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If one planted bamboo with luxuriant foliage, it also indicated that one's wealth was very strong. If you find that your own bamboo begins to bloom and decline, it means that these bamboo is about to wither, and these declining bamboo may also bring bad luck to the family. In order not to affect the family's prosperity, they often move directly away from these withered bamboo.

Post time: Apr-01-2023