A greeting from a Chinese bamboo

Bamboo grows around the spring equinox. What do you know about bamboo?
Bamboo is a "big grass", many people think bamboo is a tree. Actually it is perennial grasses of the gramineae subfamily bambooae, is related to herbaceous food crops like rice. China is the bamboo plant in the world the most abundant country. There are more than 1640 species of bamboo in 88 genera, China alone has more than 800 species in 39 genera. Known as the "Kingdom of Bamboo".

Bamboo is the green messenger of nature, bamboo has a strong adsorption capacity. The annual carbon sequestration is 1.33 times that of tropical rainforests, the same area of bamboo forest is better than the forest. 35 percent more oxygen is released a bamboo. It only takes about 2 months from bamboo shoots to bamboo shoots. It can be put into production in 3-5 years. As long as scientific management Can "replace plastic with bamboo", Long-term recycling.

Bamboo is a witness to history. The Chinese use of bamboo dates back to more than 7,000 years ago bamboo relics from Hemudu period. Until the Shang and Zhou Dynasties bamboo slips were born. And oracle bone inscriptions, Dunhuang suicide note. And the archives of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Four great discoveries of Eastern civilization in the 20th century.

Bamboo is a way of life. In ancient times, food, clothing, shelter and writing they all use bamboo. In addition to convenient life, bamboo is better for cultivating sentiment. In the Book of Rites, "Gold, stone, silk and bamboo are instruments of joy." The music of Silk and bamboo is one of the "eight tones" of classical music. There are clouds in Su Dongpo, "Better eat without meat than live without bamboo."

Bamboo is the sustenance of the spirit. Chinese people use bamboo in life, love bamboo in spirit. Bamboo, plum, orchid and chrysanthemum are called "Four gentlemen", with Mei, Song called "the three friends of the cold", the symbol of tall tough, empty and disciplined gentleman. The literati and scholars of all ages chant their own metaphors. Before the "seven sages of the bamboo forest" often set the bamboo forest wanton. After "Zhuxi six Yi" poetic cross flow. Ancient and modern literati yearn for it.

Bamboo is the inheritance of non-heritage skills after thousands of years of development, bamboo knitting, bamboo carving... become the crystallization of wisdom into one side of the soil. After scraping green, cutting, drawing, compiling into a piece of beautiful workmanship. Duzhu Piao is praised as "a unique Chinese", there is "a reed crossing the river" wonderful. It is called "water ballet", generations have spared no effort to pass it on.

Bamboo promotes rural revitalization. Hongjiang River in Huaihua, known as the "hometown of Bamboo", it has a contiguous bamboo forest of 1.328 million mu, the annual output value of bamboo industry reaches 7.5 billion yuan. Bamboo processing industry drives bamboo farmers, per capita income increases by more than 5,000 yuan per year. Bamboo food, bamboo building materials, bamboo products to the whole world, not only to gradually improve the ecological environment, also developing green economy brings low carbon life. They are the fruits of the efforts to consolidate poverty alleviation, an important force for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization

Post time: Apr-03-2023