Bamboo Knife Organizer and Holder with Slots for 16 Knives

One -time bamboo knife is a light -quality environmental protection alternative for traditional plastic tableware. It is made of 100% natural bamboo, which is a sustainable and renewable resource. In addition, due to its biodegradable characteristics, it can be treated after use without harmful to the environment. In this article, we will provide detailed product information, including product parameters, product application scenarios, applicable people, use methods, product structure introduction, material introduction, etc.

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The standard size of the one -time bamboo knife is 7 inches, which is convenient for use in various environments and occasions. The blade is strong and sharp, enough to handle hard foods such as meat and vegetables. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold and use.

Product Name Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board
Material: 100% natural bamboo
Size: 33 x 33 x 3.8 cm
Item No.: HB01501
Surface Treatment: varnished
Packaging: shrink wrap + brown box
Logo: laser engraved
MOQ: 500 pcs
Sample Lead-time: 7~10 days
Mass Production Lead-time: around 40 days
Payment: TT or L/C Visa/WesterUnion

Product Detail


One -time bamboo knife can be used for various occasions, such as picnic, barbecue, camping travel, gathering and other outdoor activities. It is an ideal choice for fast food restaurants, fast food cars and other food service places. In addition, it is an ideal place for catering services, activities and activities.
For people: One -time bamboo knife is suitable for people to use all ages. It is very suitable for children, because it is light and easy to operate. Adults can use it for convenience and environmental protection choices for outdoor activities. In addition, it is very suitable for those who are friendly and want to reduce carbon footprints.

Instructions: One -time bamboo knife is used like any other traditional knife. It is recommended to use it at one time. After use, discard the knife in compost boxes or ordinary trash cans.
Product structure introduction: One -time bamboo knife has a simple but effective structure. The blade is made of natural and sturdy bamboo. The handle is also made of bamboo, the texture is natural and the grip is comfortable. The bamboo material used to make this knife is 100% organic and biodegradable, which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tableware.

Material introduction: One -time bamboo knife is made of 100% natural bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo is known for its strength and durability, which makes it an excellent material for tableware. In addition, because bamboo is biodegradable, it can naturally decompose and not cause any harm to the environment. In addition, the bamboo used to make a tool is planted without using insecticides or chemicals, making it a healthier and safer choice.

In summary: The first -time bamboo knife is the environmental protection and sustainable alternative of traditional plastic tableware. It is made of 100% natural bamboo. Bamboo is a resource that can renewable and biodegradable. In addition, it is very suitable for various settings and occasions, such as picnic, barbecue, party and other outdoor activities. The knife is easy to use and uses it at one time, suitable for all age groups. In addition, its simple and effective structure makes it a reliable and durable choice for many different applications.

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 Wrapped Sleeve




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