Eco-Friendly Bamboo Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

Premium Quality Bamboo Disposable Cutlery Sets

Made of premium quality, natural bamboo, our cutlery sets is food grade. The medium weight makes our cutlery feel like real silverware in your hand. Whether you use them for a formal dinner, banquet, everyday mealtime, picnic, or party, our cutlery provides an health feel that will compliment the festivities. When you’re done, simply toss in the trash.

Compared with plastic, bamboo can be completely degraded in about three months, while the degradation of plastic takes 200 years. Obviously, bamboo tableware is a better choice.

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Product Name Bamboo Disposable Cutlery Sets
Material: 100% natural bamboo
Size: 17 cm
Item No.: HB2503
Surface Treatment: No-coating
Packaging: brown box
Logo: laser engraved
MOQ: 500 Boxes
Sample Lead-time: 7~10 days
Mass Production Lead-time: around 40 days
Payment: TT or L/C Visa/WesterUnion

Product Detail

Okay, the following are the product details of the environmentally friendly disposable barbecue sticks:
Name: Eco-friendly Disposable BBQ Bamboo Skewers
Material: 100% Natural Bamboo
Size: length 15cm, diameter 3mm
Packing: plastic bag or carton packing

This Eco-Friendly Disposable BBQ Bamboo Skewers are made of 100% natural bamboo, free from harmful chemicals, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is an ideal auxiliary tool for grilled meat, skewers, vegetables and other foods, suitable for shops, restaurants, homes, picnics, camping and other occasions.

1. Environmental protection: BBQ bamboo sticks are made of natural bamboo, which does not contain harmful substances, biodegradable, and non-polluting, which is conducive to environmental protection.
2. Safety: The surface of barbecue bamboo sticks is smooth and burr-free. It will not scratch your hands or mouth when using it, and it is non-toxic.
3. High temperature resistance: Bamboo sticks have good high temperature resistance and can withstand the baking process of high temperature oven without deformation or breakage.
4. Easy to use: The surface of the bamboo skewers is smooth, the food is not easy to stick when using, and it is convenient to insert and take out high-quality food.
5. Wide application: suitable for families and businesses, such as barbecue shops, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, amusement parks, picnics, camping, etc.

1. Before use, the bamboo sticks may be soaked in water to prevent the surface of the bamboo sticks from burning when grilling.
2. Insert the bamboo skewer into the food to be grilled to firmly support the food, and put it on the grill for grilling.
3. When the food is cooked, take out the bamboo skewer and enjoy the delicious food.

Product Structure Introduction:
The disposable barbecue bamboo stick has a simple structure and is cylindrical in shape as a whole. The skewers are closed at one end and leave room at the other end for easy insertion of food items for a clean and tidy overall appearance.

Material introduction:
The environmentally friendly disposable barbecue sticks are made of 100% natural bamboo. After special processing, the surface of the bamboo sticks is smooth and tidy, without any chemical additives, which is conducive to environmental protection. This is the product details of the environmentally friendly disposable barbecue sticks. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and practical barbecue auxiliary tool, suitable for various occasions and needs.

1. Do not directly touch or handle the port with your hands during use.
2. Avoid exposing the skewers to high temperature or humidity, otherwise they will be deformed.
3. Dispose of the used barbecue skewers in the trash for environmental protection.


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