Non-knots Eco-friendly Disposable Natural Sharp Point Bamboo Chopsticks

Environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks are a kind of environmentally friendly and healthy tableware products. They are made of high-quality natural bamboo, have a long service life, are safe and hygienic to use, and can meet people’s various catering needs. This product is not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also easy to discharge, which can help people save time and effort. It is a good choice for energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in the catering industry and home life.

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Product Name Eco-friendly Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks
Material High Quality Natural Bamboo
Size L240X11.8X4.9MM
Weight 7 grams
Packing specification 100 pairs/bag, 30 bags/carton
Quality standard in line with international food hygiene standards

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Product material:
Environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks are made of high-quality natural bamboo, which is natural, environmentally friendly, and renewable. It will not emit harmful substances during use and has no stimulation to the human body. When choosing bamboo, only choose bamboo with a longer growth period, thicker top diameter, and better toughness, and carefully polish it to ensure that the product meets the quality standards and will not pose any threat to the human body.

Product application scenarios:

1.Home use: Environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks are suitable for family meals, which are convenient and quick, reducing the time and workload of washing.
2.Catering places: restaurants, hot pot restaurants, fast food restaurants, roadside stalls and other catering places can be used, which reduces the occurrence of self-washing chopsticks. It is not only hygienic and safe, but also saves the cost of cleaning and disinfection for catering companies.
3.Tourist attractions and field camping: Environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks can be used as ideal tableware for outdoor camping, and the humanized design makes the journey more comfortable and convenient. For people: Anyone who eats and eats can use environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks, especially consumers who pay attention to health and environmental protection, as well as householders and businesses who value convenience and energy saving, which are more suitable for the needs of disposable use scenarios.

1.Take out the required number of environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks.
2.Before use, it is best to wash and disinfect with warm water to remove surface impurities.
3.Use bamboo chopsticks to hold or stir up food and enjoy a delicious dining experience.
4.After use, just throw it into the trash can.

Product Structure Introduction:
The appearance of environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks looks very simple. It is composed of two curved bamboo poles, with natural and delicate wood grain, which feels comfortable and very practical. The chopsticks body is flat and smooth, easy to hold, and the chopsticks head is processed smoothly, not easy to burst. Before use, the product has passed a relatively strict production process to ensure that the quality of each bamboo chopstick is accurate and up to standard, and has undergone production processes such as drying and sterilization to ensure that the product is sterile, safe and reliable. in conclusion: Environmentally friendly disposable bamboo chopsticks, as a healthy and environmentally friendly tableware, meet people's demands for health and environmental protection, and are an indispensable part of the catering industry and home life. It can not only save people's time and energy, but also avoid environmental pollution caused by repeated cleaning. It is very practical and convenient, and is an indispensable helper in modern social life.

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 Wrapped Sleeve




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